About ITP                                    

The Insurance Training Professional (ITP) designation was created with member input and recognizes individual excellence and professionalism in training and education in the insurance industry. The designation requires both training/education and insurance experience/knowledge. It is a balanced blend of insurance, training, education, and years of industry experience. SITE is pleased to have the ITP Designation recognized in the A.M. Best’s Professional Designations for 2015 (page 7). For more information, visit A.M. Best’s full list of Insurance Industry Resources. Over 127 individuals have earned their ITP designation to date. 

The following individuals have recently received the Insurance Training Professional (ITP) Designation:  

  • Allison Brand, CFM, ANFI, AINS, ITP - Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company - August 2019
  • Nick Burri, ITP - Frankenmuth Insurance - August 2019
  • Corrie Feavel, ITP - Delta Defense - September 2019
  • Tai Williams, M.Ed, ITP - Texas Mutual Insurance Co - September 2019
  • Stephanie Weakley, AINS, AIC, ARM, AIS, ITP - IMA Financial Group Inc. - September 2019
  • Evette Durrah, ITP - Sedgwick Claims Management Services - October 2019
  • Nicole Smith, ITP - Sentry Insurance - February 2020
  • Katherine Bova, ITP, SBCS - ASNOA - February 2020
  • Kelley Macpherson, AAI, CIC, CRIS, ITP - PayneWest - February 2020
  • Catherine Hall, AINS, AIS, ACS, SM, ITP - Federated Mutual Insurance Co - March 2020
  • Jennifer Jensen, ITP - Delta Defense LLC - March 2020
  • Russell Hill, AIC, AINS, ITP - Germania Insurance - March 2021
  • Heather Blevins, M.Ed, CPCU, AIC, AIS, AINS, SCLA, ITP State Farm Insurance - April 2021
  • Angela Kain, ITP - Secura Insurance - May 2021
  • Ann Spear, ITP - The Hanover Insurance Group - May 2021
  • Laura Hamilton, PLCS, SBCS, ITP - August 2021
  • Kathleen Cox- August 2021 
  • Jeffrey Gillum- August 2021 
  • Linda Harris- September 2021 
  • Christopher Guidry- November 2021
  • Patrick Wraight- March 2022 
  • Gary Ohler- May 2022 
  • Nicole Gruender- June 2022 
  • Brandi Armstrong- October 2022 
  • Craig Tappel- December 2022 
  • Lisa Sauro- January 2023 
  • Melissa Dehn- January 2023 
  • Maria Hollis- March 2023 
  • Lee Vandervort- April 2023 
  • Kristen Sisk- April 2023 
  • Virginia Brockwell- May 2023 
  • Ruth Phillips- November 2023 
  • Carolin Wriston- November 2023 
  • Michael Koscielny- December 2023 
  • Chantal Roberts- January 2024 
  • Vicki Oatway- March 2024 

 Bear with us- we are updating our full list of ITP's- For a list through 2020-  please click here

ITP Requirements 

  • Membership in SITE
  • Evidence of insurance knowledge through one of the following: an insurance designation or degree; a minimum of 20 semester hours of insurance/financial services courses; or a résumé outlining a minimum of 10 years insurance industry experience in core competencies of underwriting, actuarial, accounting, claims or experience that relates to broad insurance knowledge
  • Evidence of training/education knowledge through one of the following: completion of the SITE Train the Trainer program or completion of a course equivalent to Train the Trainer (must submit prior to application for approval – see a minimum of topics that should be covered within the equivalent program at: http://www.insurancetrainers.org/train-the-trainer); an accredited degree in adult education or a closely related field with significant education coursework; or 20 or more semester hours in an undergraduate or graduate education degree program. 
  • Professional training/education practice and experience through a minimum of five years of experience as a training/education professional and evidence of successful training/education practice (requires course outline with objectives, methodologies and evaluation process used, and one of the following: a list of courses taught during the most recent three years; evaluation summaries from three different programs; needs assessments conducted; or passing ratios for AICPCU or other licensing or designation programs taught) NOTE: All materials will be returned and will be used solely for the determination of this designation. All materials should be non proprietary.
  • Evidence of training leadership experience (provides an opportunity for those leaders in the training profession to participate in the ITP designation program by adhering to the requirements and submitting courses designed and/or delivered by their team members during the most recent three years)
  • Adherence to the SITE Code of Ethics

Application Process 

Please note that applications for the ITP designation usually take about 6-8 weeks for our review processing time. 

Please review the ITP checklist before completing the application process!   ITP CHECKLIST 





Information that the applicant provides to the Society of Insurance Trainers and Educators (SITE) in this application will be considered confidential to the extent that it is conspicuously designated as such or identified at the time of disclosure as being of a confidential or proprietary nature. It will not include information that is generally known or available, is already known to SITE before the applicant provided it, is given to SITE by a third party as a matter of right and without restricting its disclosure, independently developed by SITE, the subject of the applicant’s earlier written permission to disclose, in response to a valid court order or other governmental body of the U.S. or any political subdivision thereof or is otherwise required by law, or is necessary to establish the rights or enforce the obligations of this paragraph. SITE agrees to limit its use of applicant’s confidential information to determine the applicant’s qualification for designation as an Insurance Training Professional (ITP). SITE will refrain from disclosing applicant’s confidential information for any other purpose without the express written permission of the applicant. In the event the applicant is awarded the ITP designation, the applicant gives permission to SITE, its representatives, and its duly authorized third parties to share and publicize applicant’s name, likeness, contact information, affiliation with an employer or business, and other professional designations. Questions? Contact SITE.