Membership Types 

Designee Member

Each organization or company is allowed one Designee (voting) member. If you are the first (only) person from your organization to join, you will be the Designee member. (Annual dues = $199)

Associate Member

Each organization or company is allowed an unlimited number of Associate members after establishing a Designee member. If your organization already has a Designee member, you may join as an Associate member. (Annual dues = $199)

Industry Associate Member

Employees of organizations which serve as support organizations for the insurance and learning industry. (Annual dues = $199)

Retiree Member

Members of SITE who have retired and who are no longer active with a qualified organization or company may join as Retiree Members. (Annual dues = $99.50)

Student Member

Full-time (12 credit hours or more per term) students pursuing studies in education or insurance are able to join as Student members. Proof of status required at application and renewal. (Annual dues = $99.50)

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is a cost effective payment plan for those companies with eight or more SITE members. The corporate plan provides for one Designee (voting) member and Associate membership for subsequent members. Membership dues are invoiced annually, at the beginning of the month when the account was first initiated.

Pro-rating is applicable for Corporate members who join in the middle of the membership period (July 1st – June 30th). Please contact the SITE office for more information.

Corporate plans are as follows:

  • 7 members – join as individuals (one Designee at $199; all others Associates at $199 each)
  • 8-15 members – $1,000 annual flat rate
  • 16-25 members – $2,000 annual flat rate
  • 26-40 members – $3,000 annual flat rate
  • 41-70 members – $4,000 annual flat rate
  • 71-100 members – $5,000 annual flat rate
  • 101-130 members – $6,000 annual flat rate
  • 131-175 members – $7,000 annual flat rate
  • More than 175 members – $8,000 annual flat rate