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Mary Bruggeman - Divisional Assistant Vice President

Mary Bruggeman joined Great American Insurance Group in 2005.  Prior to Great American she worked for State Farm in their complex field auto team. At Great American she worked on a Casualty claims team, holding positions of increasing responsibility. Ultimately she was the Casualty Claim Manager for the division.  In 2008 she moved internally to Corporate Claims to found the Claims College. Mary is currently an Assistant Vice President in the Corporate Claims Division. She oversees the Claims College offerings, manage the Claim Trainee Program and work on development and resource programs for the organization’s claims staff. 

Mary graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Economics and Human Resources.  She went on to earn her MBA in International Business from Xavier University. 

She has eleven designations which include AIC and CPCU from The Institutes, and well as the Insurance Training Professional (ITP) designation from SITE.

Mary lives in Cincinnati with her husband Mike, their nine-year-old son Joseph and six-year-old twins, Thomas and Kate.  Mary and Mike lived in Europe for two years after they got married, and as a result, she loves traveling and trying all different kinds of food!  She enjoys spending time with my family and hiking the National Parks.