2020 SITE Annual Conference Attendees as of 2/12/2020

Acuity Insurance
Kate Jaehnke – Commercial Underwriting Consultant
Skye Soberg – Director, Commercial Processing

Allstate Insurance Company

Jennifer Ananevicz – Education Division Manager
Holly Bertoia – Education Division Manager
Hans Metzinger – Sales Support Leader

American Educational Institute
Corinn McBride, LPCS - Director of Marketing

American Family Insurance
Nicky Cross, MBA, CRM, CIC, ITP - Underwriting Administrator
Frank Hays, CPCU, CLU, CIC, RHU, AFIS, ITP - Training Specialist

Katherine Bova, SBCS – Vice President of Education
Laura Hamilton, PLCS SBCS – Education Manager

Auto-Owners Insurance
Jennifer Smith – Manager
Jesse Feldpausch, AIS - Coordinator - Marketing and Sales Education and Training

Chief Collision Technology (VSG Company)
Elisabeth Sobczak, LPCS, FCLA, AIS, INS, AINS, AIC - Global Collision Training

Corelogic | Symbility Solutions,
James Williams, TTT - Director of Training

E.A. Renfroe & Co.
Shelie Leverett-Johnson,  ITP – Manager, Training

EMC Insurance Companies
John Barry, CPCU, CIC - Marketing Training Consultant

Frost Insurance
Bentley Queen - Senior Learning Specialist

Gold Coast Schools
Kevin Milner, ITP, CIC - Program Director

Great American Insurance Group
Mary Bruggeman, MBA, CPCU, AIC-M, AU, AIM, AIS, AMIM, ARM-P, ARe, ASLI, ITP - Assistant Vice President, Claims Training & Development
Mandy Soward, AINS – Product Trainer

Haag Education Co.
Jim Chaney, ITP, MS, CPCU, AIC, ARM, AU, AIDA, AINS, PCLA/FCLA, HCI – R/C/W – Director of Curriculum / Senior Instructor
Ryan Holdhusen – Vice President

Keith Going - Insurance Business Development, Principal
Brad Gutcher - Principal -Sustaining Partner Accounts

Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance
Patrick Wraight - Director
Christie Wraight

International Insurance Institute
Carl Van, ITP - President & CEO

International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)
Millicent Workman, CPCU, AU, CRIS, MLIS, AFIS, ERIS, TRIP – Director of Training and Education

J.S. Held
Gregg Golson, CPCU, ACS, AIC, AIM, AINS, AIS, API, CSM – Vice President

Liberty Mutual
Chelsea Owen - Training Strategy Specialist

Marsh & LcLennan Agency
Jessica Griffith, CRM, CPCU, CIC, CISR, ACSR – Business Insurance Training Manager
Angela Lanehart, ACSR, CIC, CRM, CISR – Business Insurance Training Manager

McNeil and Company
James Ellis, AINS – Underwriting Training Specialist

Maria Barnes, MBA – Learning & Performance Manager
Sandra Colley, MBA, AINS, ITP – Learning & Performance Training Manager
Brandon Huff, MS Ed, ITP - Manager, Learning & Performance
Ron Trifari, MBA – Training Consultant

National Alliance for Education and Research
Kelly Surles, CIC, CPRM, CISR, ACSR - Corporate Account Team Lead

Whitney Brown - Learning & Development Specialist
Nick Hart – Training Specialist
Katie Hensel - Training Specialist
Roxanne Nelson, PLCS - Development Specialist
Carol Williams, CPCU, AIM, ITP, SBCS, CPRIA, CPIW - Director of Learning & Development

Propel Insurance
Jennifer Rain – Business Process Specialist

Property & Liability Resource Bureau
Martha Fitt, JD – Education Counsel

QA Claims
Joe Leard, AIC, ITP – Education & Training Coordinator

SECURA Insurance
Kerry Scherer – Director Corporate Training
Paul Wilke, AIC, CPCU – Manager – Claims Training

Selective Insuarance Company of American
Evelyn Jorgensen, SCLA, AIC, ITP – Claims Learning Services Manager

Tennessee Farm Bureau
Christy Ottsman, SCLA – Claims Training

Tennessee Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

Aaron Kasdorf, SCLA, PTC – Claims Training Coordinator

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance
Paul Stringer, AIC – Claims Trainer

The Best IRS
Alcidez Andrade - Operational Claims Coordinator
Courtney Cooke - Vice President of Business Development
James Patterson - Vice President
Ken Wittich - Vice President
Jack Woody - Operational Claims Coordinator

The Institutes
Dave Thomas, CPCU – Vice President

The National Alliance of Insurance Education and Research
Merrillie Streetman, CIC, CRM, CISR, CSRM – Business Development Director

TriFit Business Development LLC
Mike Shannon, MBA – President

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Kate Manthey, CPCU, ITP – Insurance & Risk Program Director

Velocty Risk Underwriters
Sherry Moor, AAI, ITP – Sales Trainer

WebCE, Inc.
Arthur Carvajal, Esq., CDEI – Executive Editor and General Counsel

Western Reserve Group
Jocelyn Rodgers, AIC – Manager of Claims Quality & Training

West Bend Mutual Insurance
Linda Herodes, CIC – Commercial Lines Training Specialist
Laurie LaDuke, CPCU, CIC, AU, ARe, AIM, AINS, AIS – Manager CL Training & Quality Assurance

Steve Cline, CPCU, CIC, ITP - Training & Business Development Consultant